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  This business venture started out as a passionate hobby my father and I both shared since I was a young girl where we would go to various garage, yard and estate sales and pick up antiques and whatever else caught our eyes. After collecting and acquiring a large variety of inventory we were ready to turn our dreams into reality by opening an antiques and collectibles store. After many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work we managed to come up with our company's name "Buy the Way" and write up our business plan. After we got our licenses and permits we leased commercial space in a small town named El sobrante, CA to "test the waters". As our business gained momentum and became more and more successful we quickly outgrew our office space and decided it was time to move into our own standalone building in a better area. It was an answer to prayer when we signed the lease to a beautiful 101 year old historic property in the heart of downtown Concord, CA. We had our grand opening on March 15, 2017 where we announced doing business as "Buy The Way Artiques".

            Antiques and treasure hunting have always been our passion and now we are given the exciting opportunity to share that with our new local community. We aim to preserve our city's rich culture and history by showcasing our historical collectibles and antiquities thus enlightening and enhancing our community. We have already received great feedback from our neighbors who enjoy bringing in their children and loved ones to educate and show them relics of our past. Their eyes light up when we indulge their curiosity by showing them rare items like our meteorite or cranking a record on our 1910 Edison phonograph.

            Words cannot describe how much my father and I love what we do and the happiness it brings us to provide our community with collectibles, art and antiques. We are always on the treasure hunt and encourage others to indulge their inner treasure hunter. In a sense we are giving many of these items a second life and rescuing valuables from being wasted and dumped into our overflowing landfills. One person's trash truly is another person's treasure and discovering each piece, learning its history and showcasing its beauty to others who can share our appreciation is the most exhilarating part for us.

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